360° Rotational Phone Stand for Bed or Office

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Easily hook your phone to this mobile arm that can be positioned as you prefer. The adjustable base will clamp to any countertop, desk, workbench, bed frame, or nightstand with a 3 inch adjustable clearance. The 27.5 inch (70cm) arm is a 360 degree rotating flexible gooseneck made of a durable bendable metal. The phone holding clamp is capable of securing phones up to 3.7 inches (9.5cm). Note: You can clamp along the width for phones larger than 3.7 inches in height. The silicone base of the phone clamp is soft on your device.

  • No more falling asleep and the phone rolling off your lap onto the floor!
  • Take it to the office and easily move from sitting to standing with a clear view of your phone!
  • Use when cooking so you can easily navigate your recipe as you prepare the meal!
  • Enjoy bedtime TV without having to hold or position your phone!
  • Perfect for iPhone, Android, Google Phone and many others!
  • So many other uses!

Also - check out the tablet/iPad version!

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